End of Tenancy Cleaning – Tenant and Landlord Perspective

It does not matter if you own a place or you are living there on a temporary basis, having a clean living space is important. Some people are super conscious about keeping their surroundings squeaky clean while others not so much.
To many, cleaning a place when you are actively living there seems to make sense but what about if you live on rent? One of the signs of a good tenant is that they treat the property as their own once they have acquired it via rent. This eliminates many problems on both sides of the equation: the tenant and the landlord.
End of tenancy cleaning is a significant part of moving. No matter how clean you kept the house while you lived there, you will be surprised to find the amount of cleaning required once you pack up and are ready to leave.
On the tenant side, it is better to leave a place on good terms with the landlord. It does not look nice to leave all your clutter behind. Moreover, it may play an important role to get your security deposit back to you.
On the landlord side, it is important that the house remains in good condition. Landlords already start looking for potential tenants once they are informed about the moving. The value of the house is significant in the real estate market and cleanliness of the place plays a vital role.
In the following write up, we proceed to discuss how beneficial end of tenancy cleaning is for both the tenant and the landlord.
Benefits for the Tenant

    • As mentioned earlier, the tenant must leave the house in good condition so that they can receive their security deposit back without any issue
    • A thorough end of tenancy cleaning does not leave room for arguments
    • It establishes a good impression on the landlord even if you are leaving

Benefits for the Landlord
Landlords often hire end of tenancy cleaning services to restore the property to a presentable condition. Here are the benefits:

      • The house is restored into a clean condition
      • It helps maintain the market value
      • A clean property attracts potential tenants
      • Once the new tenants move in, the possibility of complaints from them will be reduced

Professional Cleaning Services

Many of the times, end of tenancy cleaning is not something tenants or landlords can do personally. This is more common in large properties. Therefore, many hire professional end of tenancy cleaning services. The professionals have the right equipment to restore a house back into pristine condition by effectively removing stubborn dirt, dust and grime.
Among the well-established end of tenancy cleaning London industry, Shineline Limited is a reputable end of tenancy cleaning London service. ShineLine is a team of professional experts that can help you accomplish a comprehensive and effective cleaning after a moving has been planned. The services are available for both tenants and landlords.
Professional end of tenancy cleaning London services can really help make a moving easier for both the tenants and landlords.

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