Today is the Last day to spend old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes

Today is the last day left to spend old Rs 500 and Rs 100 currency notes. Demonstration started of on November 8. Govt. has allowed use of old currency at govt hospitals,railway ticketing,petrol pumps,and crematoria and burial grounds for 72 hours as new notes were barely trickling in and queues at banks lengthened,the government further extended the deadline till November 24/11.

you can use your old currency notes till November 24.

1.  Government hospitals

2. Railway tickets

3. Public transport

4. Milk booths

5. Consumer cooperative stores

6. Lpg gas cylinders

7. Medicine prescribed by doctor

8. Railway catering

9. Power and water bills

10. Metro rail tickets

11. Crematoria/burail grounds

12. Airline tickets at airport

13. Taxes and penalties t government

14. Petrol pumps

15. Entry tickets of ASI monument

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