Kottayam Based Designer Make Clothes For People with disability

KOTTAYAM: Joe Ikareth started to design clothes for his 11-year-old who was born with damaged nerves that restricted her arm movement, today he and his wife owns an apparel company called ‘Move Ability Clothing’ (MAC) that makes custom made clothes for people with physical disabilities.


The plight of his daughter Tilotama inspired him to design user-friendly clothes for people with physical disabilities that allows them to do day-to-day chores without depending on others. “Surrounded by differently-abled people made me more sensitive towards them. Once I started making clothes for my daughter, I realised that it can be spread to others too.” said, Joe Ikareth.

His wife Murielle Ikareth, who is a french movement therapist, played a vital role in creating MAC. “She helps me in understanding the extent of movement my design would enable or restrict.” said, Joe.

“The objective of creating MAC is to make people with disability, feel confident and move freely.”  said,  Joe.  The designs created by him use magnets, Velcros and asymmetrical cuts which shift the focus away from evident body disproportions in disabled person. According to Joe the problem in designing disabled friendly clothing is the standardisation in designs. He said, “Each person has different kind of body structure, disability and has different requirements.”  Joe now is trying to reach NGO’s and corporate companies to help him in this endeavour. He wants to make his design available at affordable rates to differently-abled people across the country. The purpose is to serve a marginalised population and do it in a manner that creates social change,” said Joe.

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