‘Kottayam becoming unsafe for women’

 According to the State crime records bureau, the total number of molestation cases in Kottayam has increased from 153 in the year 2015 to 192 in 2016.


In spite of the conducting awareness programs and introducing different ways to report on molestation such as ‘Tanutra’ a mobile application using which victim can directly report the crime, the molestation cases are still increasing. According to officials from Kottayam district police, “Though crimes against women showed a decreasing trend in 2015, in comparison to 2014, it showed an upward trend in 2016,” Molestation tops the list of crime against women with 172 cases registered in the year followed by 82 cruelty by husband cases.

Attributing the rising numbers to leniency in punishment, Ann Kurien an officer from Vanitha Commission said “Though we have a legal framework to address such crimes, it has many loopholes in it,” She stated that the actual number of molestation cases will be higher than the crimes reported. “Many of crimes go unreported due to the social stigma attached to it, “she said. However, Ms Kurien also said with the growing awareness about women’s rights has encouraged them to be more vocal on such issues.

According to Psychologist A K Victor, this crime also has a psychological element to it. “To understand it is very complicated, it depends on the behavioral pattern of the perpetrator and his upbringing,” said Victor. He said such crimes can only be minimized with education and awareness. “Once we educate people, and instill values in them through education such crimes will vanish,” he added.

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