Interview with Jay Burger

News24hours Staff: Hi, Tell us more about you ?

Jay Burger: Who is Jay Burger that’s a question I’ve been hearing for a while now so lets start at the beginning. I was born and raised in East Orange NJ. When i was 6 years old i saw my very first Def Jam Comedy tape. I blown away by what i saw there were those who made people laugh for living I was taught growing up that you had to be a doctor or some type teacher to make it in this society but here was a whole new world I’ve never seen before I was hooked. I’m a stand up comedian if you haven’t realize yet

News24hours Staff: We know that, but how long have you been doing stand up comedies ?

Jay Burger: I’ve been doing stand up for the last 5+ years so I would like to say I’m pretty good at this by now. My Journey up till now has been a long one I got my start by doing open mics. Everyday I was out in NYC looking for anyone who would give me spot 5 minutes then turned into 10 minutes then that turn into hosting. I even started getting invites but I wasn’t satisfied here’s the thing with this business you only go far as you allow yourself to go the only person your in competition with is yourself don’t lose to yourself keep reaching and expanding if your here to make money and that’s it your in the wrong business.

News24hours Staff: Which day you consider as your biggest day in life ?

Jay Burger: January 12th is a big day for me why I’ll tell you I’m doing my very first 1 hour special all the years of doing stand up going back and forth between Jersey and New York all the open mic it finally has a destination. It’s funny but it’s true it’s something I’ve been telling people since i was kid that’s why I’m proud to use it as the name for my very first special. This is more than just special for me this is a thank you to everyone who believe in me and stuck by me all these years plus the line up we have is amazing.

News24hours Staff: Are you doing this all alone ?

Jay Burger: Im not doing this alone i got a team behind me on this DCthe3rd and Harry O these 2 men are out hustling everyday there touching any mic they can get there hands on funny cant even describe these guys there down right hysterical. Tesa Monie I’ve met this young lady a few years back and I’ve been laughing ever since this woman has sacrifice so much for this business and done all with a smile. My partner Bah Fraz this is the man who told me to touch that first open mic and has always been in the crowd supporting me one of the biggest fans I have and it’s crazy to think about 6 years ago we shook and agreed to pursue our careers and never stop 6 years later he’s hosting my first special. It’s going down January 12th in NYC at the Playroom Theater get your tickets today on eventbrite.

News24hours Staff: Great ! All the best with the Show !!!

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