Hwindi, the new solution for carpooling

Hwindi is a state of the art mobile application, “app”, of hitching a cab, ride sharing, carpooling and tow truck service that has been introduced in the streets of Zimbabwe and South Africa in order to address the rising transport problems associated with their urban cities. The app is available for free on Google Play Store for Android based phones and on the Apple Store. The application is also web based on www.hwindi.com . Hwindi follows similar operations as of the Uber and G-Taxi (Zimbabwe) mainly, but with extra features that incorporates the social economic culture of the Zimbabwean and South African commuters. Hwindi is the first of its kind native app from Zimbabwe to introduce carpooling and which connects the driver and passenger through the app itself.

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The convenience of Hwindi is on hitching a cab which is safe, reliable yet closest to the passenger. Currently taxi passengers either call their usual cab drivers on their mobile numbers or get into the nearest “cab”. The challenge with the prevailing current methods of getting a cab is either that the usual taxi driver is far off (provided their mobile phone is reachable) from the potential passenger(s) or the passenger(s) are getting into an unfamiliar and probably unregistered cab compromising their safety.
The main difficulty in carpooling is its essence; that is to say, find a partner with whom to commute with (Matching process). To overcome this problem, Hwindi offers solutions which are effective for the user. In order to offer a service that corresponds to the African community, analysis their transportation habits was made. Then, a list of carpool services including Uber, Blablacar and G-Taxi available on the market has been drawn while assessing the efficiency of the software and associate costs.
In Zimbabwe, the app is operated by Hwindi Pvt. Limited, a company duly registered under The Companies Act  on 2 November 2015 and in South Africa it is operated by Hwindi Consultancy Limited.

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