Interview With Mr. Badger

News24hours Staff: Sir, from my understanding, you allegedly Escaped from the Columbia County Jail in Magnolia, Arkansas. So could you tell us what’s going on with your case at this current time.

Mr. Badger: Well they’re trying to say that I Escaped intentionally. Really, and truly I did not. They are going to always try to make a person look bad, no matter what. But there was a hole in the roof at the jail already. I was in a cell getting rain on everytime it rain. I informed them to fix the hole, but they ignored me. I also had a large knot on my head, in which us still there. I tried to get help, because I was having some much pain from it. But they wouldn’t help.

News24hours Staff: Why you think they would give you proper medical attention?

Mr. Badger: Because of the cost.

News24hours Staff: So when you left the jail, where did you go?

Mr. Badger: I went looking for a hospital to get medical care after they wouldn’t provide me with none. See they are not going to tell the media that they want provide medical care. All they want to do is give a person a lot of time in prison. I ain’t want to die. I told them ahead of time that if they wouldn’t fix the leak in the roof and get me some medical help that I would go out to get my own medical treatment. They didn’t care.

News24hours Staff: So how much time are they trying to give you?

Mr. Badger: Well they are trying to give me about 80 years.

News24hours Staff: Just because you was trying to get medical help for yourself?

Mr. Badger: Yes, and because I’ve file lots of lawsuits against them to. They are mad at that.

News24hours Staff: Let me ask, what do you do for a living?

Mr. Badger: I’m a author of several books. I’m the #1 urban novelist on the planet. I got a new book call Da’ King of Louisiana coming out in a couple days.

News24hours Staff: So all you was trying to do is get help?

Mr. Badger: Yes, I didn’t want to die. Also the tax payers pays them to take care of us in jail and their not doing that

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