Interview With Mind Scientist Syed Mazhar Uddin Taj

Yes you heard it right ! Many of you might not be familiar with the term Mind Scientist. A Mind Scientist can enable you to explore your mind and use it to better every area of your life. By training your brain and mind, you can improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Syed Maxhar Uddin Taj is a Mind Scientist , a Master and Trainer in Usui and Kundalni Reiki, Numerology, Astrology, Reflexology and Massage Therapy and much more. He was born in Karachi, Pakistan on 28th of November 1982 and now settled in United Kingdom. He is the founder of Universal Centre for Mind Sciences and Alternative Therapies Ltd.

Interview with Syed Taj

News24hours staff: Thank you Syed Taj for sparing some time with us. As we know that you were having a successful career in Television industry and handled various technical positions ; we are curious to know why this shift in your career?

Syed : Thank you for your warm welcome! I must say that every individual has much more than he realizes, professes and practices. While saying this I mean that though I thoroughly enjoyed my career in Technical positions in various Tevisions networks. It was my passion for spirituality and complementary therapies from a young age that led me to develop his hobby into a career. Coming from a respectable, spiritual family, I am trained in various alternative therapies achieving internationally recognised qualifications as a Master and Trainer in Usui and Kundalni Reiki, Numerology, Astrology, Reflexology and Massage Therapy. I am also a Graduate in Mind Sciences and have also completed an advanced level of Mind Sciences, I am qualified in Alternative and Complementary Therapies from NCFE and practiced Karuna Reiki, Cupping/Hijama(Dry/Wet/Fire),Acupressure/Acupuncture, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy to help others. Using my wealth of learning, I have been innovating many new techniques including the Universal Healing System, Wonder Massage Therapy, Kinetic Mind, Various Symbol Based Therapy, Happy Home, Happy Business and many others and have started teaching groups and mentoring people.
And finally i have founded the Universal Centre for Mind Sciences and Alternative Therapies Ltd, in the United Kingdom utilizing my education in business and media to confluence my three areas of knowledge.

News24hours staff: What are your ways to communicate your knowledge in different areas with people ?
Syed : I have made numerous appearances on UK and International Television and Radio shows responding to caller’s problems with their health, or social issues and providing them with spiritual and alternative home remedies. My interviews, articles, blogs, columns and question/answer sessions in various national and international Newspaper, Magazines and various online newspapers, magazines, blogs/articles sites and other platforms helped the readers in many ways to improve their quality of life. I have been also conducting various Seminars and Workshops and have been maximising my presence on social media and using distance learning gives me further opportunity to engage with thousands of people from around the world. I have also wrote many books to give people the tools to deal with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems from the privacy of their own home. Readers can work through the teachings, techniques, meditations, poetry or go to a particular topic of interest to balance their energies and bring positivity to their lives.

News24hours staff: Great ! Can you please elaborate about your books ?

Syed : I have written many books namely Mystic Journeys: 50 Guided Meditations For All Your Needs, Inside the Mind and Beyond the Brain: Poetic Guidance, Meditation Practice and the Neurology of the Troublesome Thoughts and Emotions, Into The Mind, Motivational Universe: Volume One & Motivational Universe: Volume Two are available on many famous online platforms like: Amazon, Apple iBooks Store, Google Play, Kobo Bookstore, Barnes & Noble and others. Plus many online Libraries like: OverDrive & Bibliotheca. Few of my Books are available in Audio format on many famous online platforms like: Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

News24hours staff: Thank you Syed for your valuable time and it was our pleasure to do an interview with you.

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