Interview With Falon Morton

Falon Morton is an author and multiple business owner. News 24 hours had an opportunity to interview her recently.

News 24 hours staff: Hi Falon Morton, Its our pleasure to do an interview with you.

Falon Morton : It’s my pleasure too.

News 24 hours staff: Before starting business and being an author, What was your profession ?

Falon Morton : I worked in Corporate America for 15 years and am now focusing on a healthier laid back lifestyle.

News 24 hours staff: Great ! Your Book ‘Daniel deal with divorce’ has impressed many. Can you elaborate about your book ?

Falon Morton : I am a blogger and self published author of Daniel deals with divorce a children’s book helping children cope with divorce.

News 24 hours staff: Great ! So what’s your business all about ?

Falon Morton : My online store is and my blog is . We are on instagram, Facebook and twitter as flattiremoms. I cater to Moms and provide them with insightful advice on parenting and healthy recipes to feed their children.

News 24 hours staff: May you write more insightful books and let your business prosper. Thank you !

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