Interview with Bryan Flowers, entreprenuer, author, trader and investor.

News24hours Staff : How did you get into business?

Bryan Flowers : I started with online sales through email, then I sold information products by mailshots, online and ebay. I was very young and had no idea that most businesses have a lifecycle, I should have pushed the business more, adapted it, grew it and made more businesses.

News24hours Staff : Where did this lead you?

Bryan Flowers : I got into making websites, I made a very large forum, which gave me people skills in managing an online community, I was always fasinated by psychology and I studied more into it, I was able to use these skills later to manage 350 staff (our current figure)

I also got into SEO very heavily and had some huge websites to promote in the grey market, this was highly profitable and risky.

News24hours Staff : When did it all change?

Bryan Flowers : I started buying bars and they were so successful, that we kept buying more bars for the bar group that I set up. This gave me a steady regular income, I had every role deligated, which freed up my time to work on my investing, trading, internet marketing and I am able to travel and learn half of my day.

I quickly found lots of wealthy successful entreprenuers online that confirmed a lot of my behaviour that most people think is weird or risky. I realised I had a growth mindset that most people do not have, so I want to write about this in my growth mindset mastery book, which will help others get out of a rut like I did.

News24hours Staff : Why are you different to most?

Bryan Flowers : I am a free thinker, I think out of the box and I try not to limit my beliefs, I look at things from a blank slate without any bias, also my work ethics are insane according to most people, but the truth is, I hate “work” but what I do now is mostly by choice, I love what I am doing, so I put a lot of effort into everything I do. I also think everyone should learn 2-3 hours a day, I dont watch the news, football, movies or soaps, I just learn all day and watch interviews to relax, it makes me highly pumped.

News24hours Staff : What are you focusing on now?

Bryan Flowers : I am trying to become a full time trader, I have done more learning than I should over the last year or so, but I want to be the best, so I am doing all my homework and getting it right. Most of my trades are position trading, long term stuff, so I am not so busy checking the markets and I have time to study, I watch the markets most of the day and I am getting a good grasp on the macro view in many asset classes.

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