Interview with Sidd Ifti, the man behind the brand HQ linen

Yes ! You heard it right ! Sidd Ifti is the man behind the popular clothing brand of Australia Hq Linen under P&J Australia Holdings PTY Ltd, It is a Privately-held Company and a leading provider of quality bed linen, quilt covers and towel sets in Australia founded by Sidd Ifti.

Interview with Sidd Ifti

News24hours Staff : Thank you Sidd Ifti for sparing some time with us. We are curious to know more about how you get into developing the popular brand HQ Linen ?

Sidd Ifti : I was always having a passion from my childhood towards clothing and textile industry. Even though i pursued engineering i had this dream of developing an unique brand for unique linen clothing and thus I founded P&J Australia Holding PTY Ltd. and the brand HQ Linen under it.

News24hours Staff : Where is the headquarters of HQ Linen and where all have the brand spread ?

Sidd Ifti : HQ Linen has its headquarters in Sydney , Australia and currently it has offices in Sydney and Melbourne from where the entire business is controlled. The brand is spread Australia wide and we have more plans for exports worldwide.

News24hours Staff : Currently do HQ Linen have any brand ambassadors or Celebrity endorsements ?

Sidd Ifti : No Brand Ambassadors as of now. But lot of celebrities endorse HQ Linen brand based on their genuine feedback.Famous Actor David Banks , Actress Morissa Schwartz etc are few celebrities who have endorsed HQ linen recently. Lot of celebrities are frequent buyers of our brand products.

New24hours Staff : What are the future plans with HQ Linen ?

Sidd Ifti : To spread the brand worldwide. We have been in talks with few companies for the same.

News24hours Staff : Thank you Sidd Ifti for your valuable time and it was our pleasure to do an interview with you.

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