Josephine Skriver Makes A Splash At The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Dutch model Josephine Skriver has made a name for herself through her gigs with brands such as Victoria’s Secret. However, if her modeling career ever comes to an end she has expressed a desire to work in the field of medicine. Her latest appearance in the Victoria Secret Fashion show is just the icing on the cake of an incredible career.

Early Years

A controversial subject that Josephine has consistently been outspoken on is that she was the product of in-vitro fertilization and was raised by homosexual parents. This inspired her to write a Huffington Post column called “Fully Human,” where she shot down critics of her parents’ lifestyle.

The Making Of A Career

Josephine’s rise to fame started when she was a teenager. She traveled from her hometown of Copenhagen to New York City and when she did, passersby were convinced she was a model. This led Josephine to seek out an agent when she returned home and she has been working in modeling ever since.

After the first two years of her modeling career, she confessed that it involves more hard work than she initially realized and it isn’t as glamorous as it seems on the surface.

As a result of the circumstances of her birth, Josephine became a Family Quality Council celebrity ambassador. She remains outspoken on the topic and has no qualms about defending her non-traditional family.

When it comes to modeling, Josephine has appeared as a Victoria’s Secret runway model every year since 2013. She also went on to become the face of the Agua Bendita and Victoria’s Secret’s newest perfume, called Love fragrance.

Personal Life

Josephine is serious about keeping her body in optimal physical condition. As a result, she now starts her days at 5 a.m. with a workout routine followed by a healthy breakfast and then her beauty regime. Her early morning workout includes cardio and weight lifting, which she does under the direction of her personal trainer. Not one to rely solely on a workout routine she has also begun taking Kung Fu classes in preparation for traveling to Shanghai as part of her Victoria’s Secret modeling duties. Aside from the planned excursion she also took up Kung Fu so that she has a way to defend herself, should she ever need to.

Her daily beauty routine involves dry rubbing and face oils. The dry rubbing is a form of exfoliation that has reportedly given her skin so clear, the photographers that work with her often comment on it.

Social Media Use

Josephine is active on a few social media sites. Her Instagram page can be found @josephineskriver, and has 4.3 million followers. Her Twitter account can also be found @JosephineSkriver, where she has 431,000 followers. Fans can also find her on Facebook @JosephineSkriver, where she has 1,963,232 followers.


As someone who is passionate about her life and her career, Josephine already has many accomplishments under her belt at the age of 24. She has become a widely popular and influential model who continues to speak out for what she believes in and empowers women of all ages.

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