From Zero to Hero; The Story of how Adithyo Dewangga from a small Village in Indonesia attained his success in Networking Career.

For Adithyo Dewangga, Success is not about reaching certain goal or accomplishing some task to enjoy it. Being alive, living in this very moment, is success. Success is based on people’s perspective. For someone a career growth is success, but for someone being rich is success. So for different people, success differs too. But there is some common perception in the society regarding success

As Adithyo Narrates

“I was born in a small village in West Java, Indonesia. Even though I was born in a remote village, my childhood dreams were all about NASA Engineering; I was curious about outer space and wished to be successful in my future. I was curious to visualize everything around me; during my school days, I had fights for window seats with my classmates for the same reason. Exploring the world around me was my passion. I wished to study more and I wished to have a job abroad and explore more; such was my passion for life. I had my schooling in my village itself. My school SMA Negeri 6 Cirebon gives me lot of childhood memories. I always loved the company of my friends; I had the privilege to study in the wonderful campus of Binus University. I graduated in Computer Science Applied Networking from Binus University which gave me different dimensions in understanding Networking and help me succeed in my career.

During my collage days my ambition was to become a Networking engineer. Now I feel Happy and successful working as Lead Networking Engineer in a much reputed firm, IBM in Singapore. Managing local and off-shore staff and consultants who support IBM Systems. “

Adithyo is appreciating life with all his heart and all that’s beautiful. He says” I’m grateful for this moment. To me, playing a DoTa game in the morning is success, and so is, one at night. And the afternoon nap, too. I enjoy it, throughout.

And not when I’ll reach certain goal or accomplish some task to enjoy it. And, life like that is bliss. Is beautiful. Alhamdulillah “

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