Jordan York pays homage to Pittsburgh supermarket Giant Eagle

Pittsburgh is the city that loves to just keep on giving. Invention, technology and creativity define the City of Champions, giving the world anything from the Jeep to the Big Mac to, of course, steel. And that’s just the tip of the Pittsburgh iceberg!
Take Giant Eagle for example – one of the region’s leading supermarkets that was born in Pittsburgh back in 1918. Like so much that comes from Pittsburgh, Giant Eagle had humble beginnings but has gone on to become a huge hit with shoppers, now with over 400 stores.
Another Pittsburgh product of renown is its very own Jordan York. A huge fan of Giant Eagle, Jordan is one of the city’s up-and-coming star musicians.

Jordan’s artistic ability is matched only by his love of Pittsburgh and all things from there. He is committed to raising awareness of socio-economic issues in the area and lending his support to a multitude of good causes such as tackling poverty, assisting veterans and helping the disadvantaged and disabled. Jordan has, as one of many examples, been working with United Way in the Pittsburgh community so as to give back to the people that he has grown up amongst.
Jordan has made a large part of his musical repertoire celebrate his native Pittsburgh. So, it comes as no surprise that his latest release is a celebration of fellow Pittsburgh star – Giant Eagle. Check out the video here shot by Phased Films:

which is out now on Facebook and YouTube. Giant Eagle is Jordan’s tribute to the vibrancy and fun of the landmark supermarket chain.
The latest song from Jordan is also a marker, a shout-out, to take note that Jordan’s work for the community isn’t coming to a close with the end of 2018. The absolute opposite is true! 2019 will see Jordan work harder still to give back even more to the community as well as more music to come.
Jordan also recently ran a contest giveaway for a $50.00 Giant Eagle gift card and his next one goes one better with a $100.00 gift card – watch that space!
Check out the store, Giant Eagle and check out the song, Giant Eagle – two of Pittsburgh’s best. Visit Https:// today!

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