Interview with the founder of 303 Face | Body , Marci Lundy

When organic skincare, meditation, and wellness meet their match; they’ve met it in the founder of 303 Face | Body, Marci Lundy.

The California native started her organic skincare line nearly ten years ago, after moving to Colorado and experiencing painfully dry skin. Beginning with a shop on Etsy, the brand has expanded to collaborating internationally, as well as creating an entire lifestyle brand that includes recipes, meditation sessions, a blog magazine, a podcast that is in the works, and a new partnership with ClassPass.

The woman is on a mission!

“What started as keeping my skin hydrated has not only become a way of life for me, but my brand,” Marci explains, as she pops up to tend to a whistling kettle that houses the hot water for the tea she has offered, courtesy of her tea brand, SubtleTEAS by 303 Face | Body.

“I’ve been a consumer of cute and trendy skincare products since I was a teenager, and to have the opportunity to create products that will help someone suffering from seasonal dry skin to other skincare issues simply makes my heart smile,” she adds.

The creative-preneur is also a photographer, which comes in handy when promoting and web design are a part of your business.

“Photography is legit my first love,” she states. “It has been so fun to add that aspect of my life to the company.” A natural-born interior decorator, the loft in the city that she shares with her husband serves as a zen based sanctuary, and where she managers her consultations in her newest partnership with ClassPass. Her upcoming podcast, Life… In Lipstick, will also be broadcasting from the beautiful sanctuary in the city.

Whether you refer to her as Marci, or life goals, this is a woman on a mission; and she’s happily and powerfully helping others live their best life.

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