Price of petrol is out of control

Petrol and diesel price is hiked by Rs 2.19 and 98 paise per litre from tuesday midnight. Despite of having a inflation rate of above 5 in 2016 NDA government tries to give more garbage on common people’s shoulder.

“The movement of prices in the international oil market and the rupee-USD exchange rate shall continue to be monitored closely and developing trends of the market will be reflected in future price changes.” IOC spokesperson said to justify the price hike.
NDA government or any state government can regulate price of petrol or diesel by decreasing tax rates to welfare of citizen. Central government had put 25-26 % tax on fuel while state government had put 20-25% tax depended upon state government. On an average Indian citizen pays upto 50% tax on fuel. That’s disgusting and harsh reality of high Tax structure of India.

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