Interview With Adrian Rubin

Adrian Rubin returns as one of the most influential people of our generation as she is really an unique individual. Being one of the most awesome people who cares about the environment is someone Rubin has become to be. Her interview on sustainability was truly one for the ages. She taught many people on how to change their lives and investments to a better and new efficient way of conserving energy. She graduated top of his class from the University of New South Wales.

Rubin has done extensive work in both the Australia area as well United Kingdom. Being an international activist for sustainable energy is something the world needs a lot more of. Rubin believed by focusing on the reality of solar and other forms of natural power we can become more efficient with the way energy is dispersed and consumed. The fact is that if it is done correctly then a lot of people can also save financially. The world believed Rubin dedicated so much to his craft and general care for a better source of energy that he was awarded two very prestigious awards.

How does it feel to be nominated and to win both the Young Achiever Award and New Achiever Award simultaneously?

The honor is very humbling and gratifying at the same time. I appreciate the awareness our organization is getting and honestly couldn’t have done it alone. From my immediate family members to my colleagues in school all had a hand in me receiving those awards.

Why is sustainable energy so important now?

The fact of the matter is that it has always been important and forever will be. Energy is what keeps life going. Even without electric energy which we use in just about everything now days energy can be found in physical or natural forms as well. Sustainable energy has been around since mankind. Cooking food required energy after a huge hunt. Growing food requires energy. Everything we do requires energy. The most efficient way of using that energy should always be taken into top priority for everyone and everything. Of course everything is within reason and sensible. We will always have to work to create energy but if we make more energy out of less work it should be produced.

What does the future hold for solar panel technology?

Solar panel technology is increasing at a good rate but it could be better. Right now there are homes and factories or buildings which use solar panels to help run the business or residence. It isn’t exactly about running the entire household as it is running a part of the household. Everything is perfect when you think about how much of the energy will be saved.

How does water waste reduction help anything?
Water is the element of life. With that being said water is the most important thing the earth holds. It has to be kept in the natural manner it is or be altered only for human consumption. Every other use of water which damages it or wastes it is the reason why water isn’t prevalent around the world. Imagine a world where everyone has access to drinkable water and people wouldn’t have to travel for miles on foot for fresh water. Fresh water not helps people but also the animals and the environment as a whole. With every element of life literally being upgraded by water waste reduction the process and investment for the projects should be elevated. I applaud has been done so far however feel that much more can be accomplished in the not so distant future. Even fisherman believe water waste reduction will help inbred fishing business. This gives people more of a chance to enjoy succulent sea foods at a reasonable price. Some believe the prices will become even better for wholesale and retail prices with the increase of marine wildlife. To be frank don’t animals have literally gone extinct from the lack of fresh water or water contaminating being repeated over and over again. No animal should have to suffer because of the poor decision of a poor company. Not only should they company be fined it should also not be allowed to continue in selling if they are found for a second time. Commuting a heinous crime such as water waste USB is extremely consequential for the animals and people on the area. If you even live a couple miles away it is still possible for water to flow miles and could easily reach nearby.

What is worse water or electrical waste?
That is honestly like choosing the lesser of two evils. Both are very bad and shouldn’t be practiced under any circumstances. I would have to say in my opinion that water waste is a little worse. The reasoning being as we know the animal population which uses the water to survive. If the water is contaminated it can easily be unlivable for the creatures inside which cause another huge problem like extinction or shortages of certain sea foods. With electric waste on the other hand it has more negative affect on the world and a person’s finances. If you continually waste energy you’re wasting money on something you’re not even using. Being the ultimate waste is leaving on electronics while not in use, using poor skills of consumption and eating of the world’s limited of natural fuels.

When do you believe the world will finally start using sustainable forms of energy over traditional forms?

A few years ago I probably would have given you a different answer than what I’m about to give you now. With that being said I now believe it will be sooner than later and possibly could occur during our lifetime. With the way the technology has evolved and the transportation system has the world has become a lot smaller. Not actually in the literal sense but in the knowledge base sense as if it is understood by everyone this will make everything better it can happen slot faster.

About Adrian Rubin
Adrian Rubin provides sustainability management, and financial consultation to business owners, managers, developers and builders. She has advised both private and public organizations throughout the globe seeking to educate them on how best to achieve their own individual sustainability performance goals. Rubin is an experienced lecturer, and frequent guest speaker at several international green building conferences all over the world. Her expansive understanding of renewable energy has distilled in him an irrevocable passion for sustainability, and its power to evoke positive environmental change globally. Rubin has integrated his environmental knowledge with her understanding of clean energy finance to become one of the world’s foremost authorities in the field of environmental design and finance.

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