Focaloid transformed into an IT services company.

Venkat and Anish, employees of Robert Bosch along with an ex employee of Infosis, Prasobh started Focaloid in 2012 as a platform for enthusiasts of Photography . Focaloid is transformed into Focaloid Technologies now, a fully fledged IT services company. The company has offices in Texas (USA) , Kochi (India) and Bangalore (India)

Focaloid Technologies

Focaloid Technologies has hundreds of clients including Axis Mutual Funds, Deloitte, IBM,  HCL, Havas Worldwide , VEST Inc., Maersk, Volv Inc.,  etc.  In 2013  CIIE, IIM-A made its seed investment for Focaloid. and Microsoft selected Focaloid as its Bizsapark Plus Partner

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