The new interesting developments in spray paint industry – PLUTONIUM spray paint

PLUTONIUM spray paint has been a lead player in the Spray paint industry globally. They have modified an automotive acrylic lacquer to bring you PLUTONIUM spray paint.

A professional grade spray paint from PLUTONIUM dries in 3-5 minutes and is hard, durable and satin finish. Also it must be Mold and mildew resistant and usually Vanilla scented .

This spray paint from PLUTONIUM works on superior coverage on metals, masonry, wicker, paper, most rubber and plastic surfaces

Its Sprays has High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP), so you can spray from any angle without breaking your arm trying to shake the can and Sprays 360 degrees, which is very efficient spraying. It has Interchangeable Pro Caps, so you can customize your projects.

It has Higher concentration of pigments and more vibrant colors and its coverage is about 2.5 times the usual coverage and It has Superior UV protection, so your colors won’t fade.

Its Eco friendly and it has no CFCs

Made in the USA
Born and raised in Detroit.
Veteran Owned and Operated


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