‘’It’s a Man’s World’’

This week we got a glimpse at the new web series ‘’it’s a Man’s World’’ and we already know it’s going to be a success. British writer and director Hannah Carter had an amazing idea of changing the roles between the boys and the girls. In this hilarious show where the women act like men usually do when it comes to relationships and the workplace; and vice versa. The series plays with the stereotypes of men and women when it comes to relationships and it makes up for a hilarious show.


Hannah Carter plays the lead Cara and along with an amazing group of actors they captivate whoever is watching and really make you laugh Cara likes to sleep around and hates it when the men get attached, she wants no compromises and she wants to be free. On the other side, we have Adam, played by the handsome Michael Whelan, who gets easily attached and wants a serious commitment. In the mix, we have Tom, the gay friend of both the girls and the guys, interpreted by the wonderful Javier Melgar Santoveña. Tom is the middle man and he plays the wise one in both worlds, like he says in the show ‘’Gay men have the best and worst of men and the best and worst of women’’; so, he is like the puppet master, adviser, and controller for both sides, while the other go through troubles he watches.


We were lucky to catch a preview of the first 3 episodes and they are in the process of filming the last 3 episodes to make the first season a full 14 episodes, to be released in the summer. Keep an eye on this one because it will definitely be a hit. It’s funny, smart and has a deep message underlining the comedy.

Amanda Miller

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