EAE Management Group and The American Basketball Association associate to create first national TV revenue platform for musicians

EAE Management Group  and the American Basketball Association will partner together to create first national TV revenue platform for Indie musicians that will span & merge the world’s of sports, music, radio & television.

EAE Management Group runs around 30 plus radio stations nationwide . It also manages Amada Records , Que Records ,Capitol Music Group etc and the ABA has over 100 teams nationwide. With all 30 of those radio stations being in key, ABA markets it’s a perfect fit.


“This is a groundbreaking deal. Im really excited for the league & the players as well as for the artist that will be able to launch or expand their careers on a national level do in large part to our new partnership. For a musician not to only get radio play on BDS stations tracked by Nielson Soundscan but to also have a live performance on FUBU-TV, Verizon, Dish or any of our ABA broadcast offerings is just insane when you think about the number of eyes & ears the artist will be exposed to.” says the ABA Media & Ent CEO and ABA Spokesperson Tjuan Benafactor .

“We are pleased to be partnering with the ABA & to be ushering in a new era of music & sports. The ABA has always been identified with excellence both on & off the court & we are confident the ABA will continue to put a great product on the court night in & night out. EAE Management Group is excited to bring top tier emerging artist as well as known national artist & Grammy nominated/Grammy winning producers into the mix of ABA games and to sports fans across the country & around the world.” stated EAE Programming Director DJ Paycheck.


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