Live Planet to create History !

Halsey Minor, CEO and founder of Live Planet was in LA and San Francisco touting Live Planet, the first end-to-end immersive broadcast-quality, VR creation, management and distribution platform that he’s currently building.

Live Planet solves a range of VR production problems with flawless low-light capture, HDR, clever computing and streamlined workflow. There are three components: the new 16-lens Live Planet camera, which offers 360-degree, live streaming VR; a cloud-based suite for managing, transcoding and optimizing delivery to all VR and 360 video platforms; and client software for all platforms that work with the Live Planet cloud to deliver optimized video content.

Live Planet Offers Immersive Video System for the Gamification of VR


Minor Said : “This is the first professional live streaming camera that captures stereoscopic 4K video for each eye, stitched 25 frames per second,” and thus, it requires no external stitching box or post production to render real time video for Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Connect, Facebook Live, Google Cardboard and YouTube Live Streaming.

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