This Song 👇 Sung By 3 Sisters About Kerala Floods Is Going Viral…

This Song 👇 Sung By 3 Sisters About Kerala Floods Is Going Viral…

The Song is named “Ray of Hope” . The Ray of Hope that came after the Kerala Floods… The song inspires Kerala People to Stand Firm and move forward in Life. Ray of Hope is composed by Justin Thomas Chengannur. The 3 Sisters, Sonia Varughese , Shreya Varughese and Vidya Varughese Known as “The Chords of 3” have sung the song and it went Viral within a short span of time.

Kerala Floods in August 2018 was a Tragic incident in the Life of lakhs of people from all parts of Kerala , It affected the rich and the poor all alike.

Music | Concept | Narration | Direction: Justin Thomas Chengannur
Production: Renita John | Reuben John | Sonia Rachel
Lyrics & Script: Saji Mulamootil
Featuring: Sonia Varughese | Shreya Varughese | Vidya Varughese | Rakesh Alappuzha
Harmony: Berin Susan
Executive Producer: Mathew Thomas.K
Keyboard Programming | Sound Design: Retheesh Roy, Siena Studio Sharjah
DOP: Thomas Paul
Editor: Albichan Adhikaram
Photography: JohnMoji
Project Coordinator: Bibin Abraham
Track Design: Jodsy Thomas
Project Guidance: Nimrod Joseph
Designs: Linkz Abraham

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