Kerala Govt. to ban schools which permits students to speak only in English.

KOTTAYAM:  The government has decided to ban schools that are not upholding the government decision from the next academic year. Most CBSE schools here only permits students to speak in English, not doing so will amount to minor punishments. Students feel that the government should not play politics in issues related to education. According to Jithu George, a CBSE school student here, “ We are told to speak only in English because it is the global language”.

However, he hailed the decision to ban schools that are punishing students who speak Malayalam. “Schools should help students to speak English, but not by punishments”, he said. Punishments range from beating with canes to delivering a speech to the school assembly.

According to Dr. Silas K Abraham, a school principal here, “ We ask our students to speak only English as it will benefit them in their future. Speaking in English does not mean that Malayalam is avoided”. When asked about punishments given by school authorities to students, he said, “ You cannot call it as punishment unless it aims for student’s development”.

Parents are worried that the government’s move will decrease the chances of children learning English. According to Krishna Kumar P K, a parent, “ We sent our children to CBSE schools keeping in mind that they will learn to speak and write in English fluently, but if the government wants students to speak Malayalam in CBSE schools, it won’t help students”.

Government’s motive of making Malayalam a compulsory language has been seen as a political move rather than helping students future. According to Sudhish Joseph, an educationist, “ State should not politicize the education sector further as it will deteriorate the quality of education. There is no need to include CBSE and ICSE schools in their list”.

Reacting to the comments, an higher-official of the education department said that the aim of the government is to bar the schools that punish students in the name of the language. “Government cannot shut its eyes when the mother tongue is discriminated”, said the official.

Most Students, teachers, and parents are opposing government’s decision to bar schools that allow students to speak only in English.


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