The Undeniable Talent And Beauty Of Ellie Patrikios

Performer Ellie Patrikios
Performer Ellie Patrikios

In today’s world of entertainment there is competition waiting around every corner, few seem to have an edge that sets them apart from the crowd. Many fall into the trap of being just another cookie cutter performer simply trying to make it in the world of entertainment. Though this may be the fate for several young performers in today’s society, it is certainly not the outcome for the incredibly multi talented Ellie Patrikios.

Born in London and raised on the island of Kefalonia, she is of British and Greek descent. Her passion for performing and the arts began at the age of six when she started learning piano. This lit a fire in her heart that could only be satisfied by the act of constantly working hard and striving for her goal of being a professional actress. Where Patrikios differs from other young talent is that she is a multi dimensional performer. She is an amazing musician and singer, accomplished model and photographer all in addition to being an impressive actress. A true renaissance woman, it seems she can only execute her talents at highest level possible. This being an amazing ability few can even dream of accomplishing.

She honed her skills at the respected Tring Park School for the Performing Arts in Hertfordshire UK before winning a talent-based scholarship for the prestigious New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts, she was ready to take on any challenge with a passionate dedication to her craft. Patrikios has not been idle since and has gone on to act in several television productions and films.  Being a multi-talented woman, her modeling career is equally prestigious to her acting with various catwalk appearances during fashion week to becoming the face for Tony & Guy’s 2017 Euphoria campaign.

She has fearlessly  dived into the industry with elegance, poise, drive, and values;  working for many up-and-coming young designers as well as established names.  Her latest works include; the beautiful and haunting Holy Fire Directed by the award winning storyteller, Roman Rutten. She stars as the lead, Lauren Haley in an action-packed thriller  “Body of Sin” directed by the Olson Brothers announced for distribution later this 2017.

Ellie is not one to say “I cant do that” as proven by her gaining a lead role in the soon to be released Rock Opera “ Isla Vista” as well as the “voice” for many characters in the recently released talking book Atlantis; Bearer of Fruit.  Modeling, singing, dance, acting, voice-over is there “anything” she cannot do we ask?  Her reply is simple “sit still”! Currently, she continues to act, model and add to her very impressive resume. Patrikios has several roles that are in post production. She shows no signs of slowing down and will continue to blow away her competition.

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