Wantro is all set to expand globally.

Wantro, the coding company was started by Shishil Kumar, a coding expert from Noida. Shishil has won a lot of honour in the field of coding from his school days. He became popular among teachers of his school when he developed a concept of ‘Spy Parrot’, a remote-controlled spying tool, when he was in 4th standard. He got its inspiration as India was facing the Kargil War at the time and he wanted to do something to help the Indian Army and it was when he won the US based coding contest, he thought of starting his own coding company and named it Wantro.


Now Wantro has over 700 clients globally, with head office in Noida, India and an office in Illinois, USA. Shishil is expecting his company to grow globally, mainly into the developing countries, so as to provide them help in the field of banking. He say’s Banking fraud is a matter that the developing country banks worry much about.

He is hopeful that Wantro will be able to provide, the required help for developing countries that will enable people to easily navigate through their bank’s online interface without the threat of security risks.

He add’s that Wantro can make it possible for institutions in developing countries to create apps and websites with user-friendly interfaces and without the many bugs that seem to currently exist on those platforms.



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