A Cover Story About Supercell

Supercell is a mobile game developer based in Helsinki, Finland, with offices in San Francisco, Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing,

Since its founding in 2010, Supercell has brought four games to the market – Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Clash Royale.

the Supercell was born in 2010.they would create a new kind of gaming company.before that,they have no idea what the company would become. They just knew they wanted to make great games that people would play for years.

“Supercell was founded on a few core beliefs.”

The Best People Make The Best Games.

they used this simple sentence to describe their idea of a new kind of games company that would put people front and center.They thought to themselves: “What if you put together a games company the way you’d put together a professional sports team?” In that type of model, the sole mission of the founders and management would be to acquire the best talent FOR EVERY SINGLE POSITION, create the best possible environment for them,A place where the best people could make the biggest possible impact and nothing would stand in their way. Everything else, including financial goals, would be secondary.

Small and independent cells.

They are found that the best quality work comes from small teams in which every single member is passionate about what they do. Often times when teams become bigger, processes, bureaucracy and even politics emerge, and the work just isn’t fun anymore. That’s why supercell wanted to create an organizational model made up of very small teams, or “cells”. Supercell is a collection of these cells. Each game comes from a cell, and they all operate extremely independently and have complete control over their own roadmap. And their organizational model is optimized for speed and passion, not for control.

Games that people will play for years.

The dream of Supercell is, most people play for years, not just weeks or months,They believed in the power of simple, fun game play. Many of them even longed for the golden days of PC gaming when games were all about great game play. And when it comes to social, they just thought games would be more fun when played with friends and other people.

The first office of supercell was in Niittykumpu in Espoo, Finland. It was pretty far from Silicon Valley, but they have everything they needed: one 30-square-meter room, six desks they got from a recycling center, and of course a coffee maker. A bit later on, when supercell started to hire more people, they managed to fit 15 people to that little room. At some point there was no room for their CEO Ilkka anymore, so he had to move out.

The first game of supercell was called Gunshine.net. It was a real-time massively multiplayer online role-playing game.the launching of the private beta version of Gunshine is in February 2011.

By early 2012 they have five small teams working on new games, all for tablets and mobile. They knew that one of those games would have to be at least moderately successful for the company to have a future.

The next game to go was a farming game codenamed “Soil”, which would later be named Hay Day. Their goal was to develop a next generation farming game, specifically designed for touch and mobile from the ground up.


Just before the start of summer vacations in Finland in July they released another new game to beta in Canada. Its codename was “Magic”, but today it’s called Clash of Clans. Many of them were fans of real-time strategy games and had played them online and on other platforms. With Magic, their original goal was make this type of game play accessible to the widest possible audience.Clash of Clans launched globally in August 2012.and Both Clash and Hay Day have grown steadily from day one. It took Clash 3 months from launch to become the #1 top grossing game in the U.S.

The fifth game working on was called “Battle Buddies”, a player vs. player tactical shooting game inspired by games such as UFO: Enemy Unknown. Unfortunately, the game never garnered enough player interest to move out of beta.

in 2014  clan war was updated

Many things have changed at Supercell along the way. But the core beliefs upon which they founded the company are stronger than ever. they still believe in the power of extremely small and independent teams of passionate people. they fundamentally believe in the power of “small”. Being small means you need less management and fewer processes, both of which just make it more fun to work. As such, their explicit goal is to keep the company as small as possible.

the team supercell is said “For us, it’s clear that releasing hit games means having to take risks. And by definition, taking risks means that you’ll fail more often than you’ll succeed. So whenever we realize that we haven’t failed in a while, it’s a sign that we haven’t taken enough risks. And that is truly the biggest possible risk for a creative company like ours, and It’s been exciting beginning for the company. But the reality is that this is just the beginning. There is so much more we can do. We can make new games that will change how people think about mobile gaming and games in general. And more than anything, we can create different kind of a company – the company we’ve always dreamed of”.


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