Nipun Jaswal honoured with Award of Excellence by the National Cyber Defense and Research Center

Nipun Jaswal is an accomplished author and a cyber security researcher with an excellent reputation in the cyber security industry. He is the Author of “Mastering Metasploit” and Co-Author to the Chinese edition of the book. He is best known for Application Security, Signals and Wireless Hacking,Exploit writing, Social Engineering and for developing surveillance based solutions for law enforcement agencies worldwide.

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Nipun has delivered over 100+ guest sessions and workshops promoting web application security and exploitation throughout India and worldwide. He has completed his in Computer Sciences and has been a thought leader who has contributed to raising the bar of understanding on cyber safety and ethical hacking among students of many colleges and universities in India. He is a voracious public speaker and talks about improving IT security, insider threats, social engineering, wireless forensics, and exploit writing. He is also the author of numerous IT security articles with modern security magazines such as Eforensics, Hakin9, Security Kaizen, and much more. Many famous companies, such as Apple, Microsoft, AT&T, Offensive Security, Rapid7, Blackberry, Nokia, Zynga and many other companies have thanked him for finding vulnerabilities in their systems. He has recently been acknowledged with the Award of Excellence from the National Cyber Defense and Research Center (NCDRC) for his tremendous contributions to the IT security industry.
Along with his written contributions in the field of Internet security, Nipun also created WFF (Wireless forensics framework) to enhance the forensics in Wireless domain, which was one among the factors for considering him for the national award by the award committee.

Nipun Jaswal Interview

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