Recall VR Abduction app – A Groundbreaking new VR Experience

A free App that offers monetization of video content? Wow ! YES, The Recall VR Abduction app is the game changer for content creators. It enhances new ways for film producers to make money. Being the first App in the world in-app transactional multi-format movie experience, this is a definite worth for users! The Recall VR Abduction short film is now featured on Oculus with “in-app” priced content. The app gives a 360-degree custom environment to explore through their headsets and allows users to use multi-format videos so users can access the feature length film. The app allows users to see the content in the traditional 2D format as well as the multi-screen, panoramic Barco Escape format of the movie.

In addition, it offers 3 different formats through its in-app purchase integration of the movie, the app will also contain trailers in multiple formats, cast stills and extra exclusive behind the scenes video content in 2D format.The app teleports you to the world of The Recall and welcomes you into the exclusive media lounge where you can immerse yourself in The Recall VR Abduction, enjoy “The Making of The Recall” in a giant home theater screen, and experience the trailers in 360-degrees, Barco Escape, and Standard 2D formats.

The Recall VR Abduction solution enables viewers to fully screen the in-app video experience, and stream multi-format video content from major OTT platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Kaltura, and Brightcove.

This App is really a Groundbreaking VR experience which is more helpful towards promotion of movies and is a way for users to earn more money.

The Recall VR Abduction Trailer

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