What we inhale through smartphones are hundreds of Unique types of toxic gases!!

We deal with mobile phones  24×7  a day.But we are careless about its consequences.  Chinese scientists have discovered that smartphones released hundreds of toxic gases, including carbon monoxide, the top toxic gas which is responsible for fatality and the another thing is ,the world’s most popular smartphone industry is booming in China.


The reason for all the problems are lithium batteries. It may cause for heating and burst of the handsets . These batteries drive the poison out and produce many toxic gases  which cause for a lot of health problems.

Most people are unaware about these problems.The study says that the situation is worse and cause serious trouble to the skin and eyes.

Lithium battery is used by millions of users.Reports say’s that a full battery charge caused for cancer compared to half of the battery to be charged.In 2006, due to the battery problems 40 million laptops were withdrawn.

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