How the 29 Indian States got their name ?


JHARKHAND – ‘JHARI’ means dense forest and ‘KHAND’ means land

KARNATAKA  – ‘KARNAD’ means lofty land, referring to the deccan Plateau 

TRIPURA          – derived from two kokborok words ‘TUI’ means water and ‘PRA’ means near

ARUNACHAL PRADESH – The Sanskrit name translates to dawn lit mountain

PUNJAB – PUNJAB translates to the land of five river in Indo – Iranian

CHATTISGARH – CHATTISGARH has 36 forts in total , CHATTIS tanslates to 36

WEST BENGAL – The word Bengal is derived from ‘Bonga’ means God of the Santhals and ‘AAL’ is a device used in Agriculture

BIHAR – ‘VIHARA‘ means ‘ABODE‘ in Pali . Bihar was earlier the abode of Buddhist monks.

JAMMU & KASHMIR – ‘JAMMU’ is possibly named after the King Jambu Lochan , ‘Kashmir’ means Land dessicated from water.

RAJASTHAN – Rajasthan means abode of Rajas during the British era it was known as Rajputana , Land of Rajputs.

ASSAM – ASSAM is named after the ‘Ahoms’ , who ruled over Assam .

MIZORAM – The word Mizoram has been derived from the words ‘MI‘ means the people and ‘ZO‘ that means Highlander.

ANDHRA PRADESH – translates to Southern Province

MEGHALAYA – means Abode of Clouds 

ODISHA – ‘ODRA-DESH‘ named after the Odra people who inhabited the central part of the region.

SIKKIM – ‘SU’ means New , ‘KHYIM’ translates to Palace .

KERALA – PARASURAMA reclaimed the land from the sea, hence the word Cherna-alam (Added Land) , which later become KERALA .

TAMIL NADU – means homeland of Tamil people 

HARYANA – HARI means Greenary , ARANYA means forest .

HIMACHAL PRADESH – means the home of snowy mountains .

GUJARAT – named after the Gurjars , who ruled area in the 8th century .

NAGALAND – ‘NAGA’ originated from the Burmese word ‘Naka’ means people with earring or pierced nose .

UTTARAKHAND – ‘UTTAR’ means North and ‘KHAND’ means land .

MADHYA PRADESH – located at the centre of India, Madhya Pradesh translates to Central Province .

UTTAR PRADESH – UTTAR PRADESH means Northern Province .

MANIPUR – translates to Jewel City .

TELANGANA – derived from the word ‘Trilinga‘ , which translates to the country of the three Siva Lingas .

GOA – The origin of the name ‘GOA’ is centered around the sanskrit word ‘GO‘ means COW .

MAHARASHTRA – ‘MAHA’  means Great and ‘RASHTRA’ means RATTA , the tribe / dynasty of pretty chiefs that ruled the deccan region .


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