After Mammootty and Anoop Menon; Malayalam movie industry to get “Deepak Menon” another lawyer as Hero in an upcoming action thriller Malayalam movie named “The FORT STATION”

Yes Its true! Malayalam movie industry is now filling up with lawyers as heroes, from Mammootty to Deepak Menon. Here is the interview, News 24 hours had with the International lawyer Deepak Menon, who is debuting as hero in an upcoming Malayalam movie named “The FORT STATION” Produced by Coral Reef Productions

Interview with DEEPAK MENON :

News24hours staff: Thank you Deepak for sparing some time with us. As we know that you are a successful lawyer practicing in Supreme Court of India, Delhi; we are curious to know why this sudden shift to the glamour world of films?

Deepak: I reciprocate for your warm welcome! I must say that every individual has much more than he realizes, professes and practices. While saying this I mean that though I thoroughly enjoy my legal profession, acting has always been my keen interest since childhood. Music, dance and martial arts have always thrilled me. Since early days, I have taken formal lessons in dance and martial arts; not just that, moreover I have always enjoyed dramas and street plays. To add to all this, my undying craziness to perform before the camera; made me finally take up The FORT STATION.

News24hours staff: Alright, that’s great. So Where are you based at?

Deepak: First of all, I am a proud Malayalee. Though I am based in Delhi, I have my presence at various places in India and abroad. I also have my residence in Cochin.

News24hours staff: As you have stayed more portion of your life away from Kerala, What kind of experience did you have while acting in your debut Malayalam movie?

Departing from the profession even for a short while to clothe me as an actor was undoubtedly a 360 degrees shift with an altogether unique experience. Not just this, since I was not a fluent Malayalam speaker, I did confront many challenges but could somehow sail comfortably through. Thankfully my Director and team were extremely confident and I could live up to their expectations. The kind of role I am performing required me to enact varied conflicting emotions. There is a variety and I believe I gave what I could with a realization that the best in me is yet to be shown. Overall I enjoyed witnessing my different self.

New24hours Staff : So Deepak All the best with your current movie The FORT STATION and future projects. Let the movie The FORT STATION be a huge hit and you be the next superstar in Mollywood.

Deepak : Thanks a lot !

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